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Privacy Policy at unpacking.design

Hi there! If you got here, that means you value your privacy and care a lot about sharing your data, just like I do. I have created this site to guide you through the Privacy Policy at unpackin.design. I will show you how this website is processing personal data and how do cookie files work here. Enjoy!


The most important stuff

Once you have subscribed to the newsletter, you can always unsubscribe. There is a link in a bottom of every mail you get from unpacking.design, allowing you to do so.

In case of any questions and doubts, you can always send me a message at hello@unpacking.design

I do not share your data with third parties (excluding service providers that makes the website running smoothly, such as MailChimp), and I do not sell it for commercial purpose.

If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy at unpacking.design, you just simply:

  • do not use the website
  • do not subscribe for the newsletter
  • do not comment the articles
  • do not follow my social media profiles.

Please, remember that you are sharing your data voluntarily, but it is necessary to get in touch with me, subscribe to the newsletter or to comment below the articles.

Easy peasy ;]


Who is the data controller of my personal data at unpacking.design?

As an author of the website and its content I, Monika Sznel, am the data controller of personal data you share. I do not run my own company yet, therefore all data are being stored and processed on the server which is owned and operated by my friend, Michal Bartosinski. Michal is a very helpful guy, and here goes his company details (it is registered in Poland):

Nordmind Michał Bartosiński
Okrzei Street 23/58
03-715 Warszawa
NIP: 1181796166

It means that Michal as an owner of his company is a data processor at unpacking.design.

Another data processor is MailChimp. It’s a service owned by Rocket Science Group, based in US. Their servers are located in US as well. I am using MailChimp to make my newsletter running smoothly. It means that if you are subscribing to the newsletter at unpacking.design, your data is stored on their servers. Mind that they know what the GDPR is, and care about the security of their users a lot. They write about it here (security) and here (GDPR).

I will write that again: you can always opt out from the newsletter, stop using my website and clear all the data I store about you. You can do that in two ways:

  • by unsubscribing from the newsletter (the link is located at the bottom of emails you are receiving from me)
  • by writing me a message at design.unpacked@gmail.com.


What kind of data are being collected and stored at unpacking.design?

Personal data is any kind of information that you can be identified as you (name, photo, email address, IP address or a combination of the data that directly or indirectly identifies the person). At unpacking.design data are being collected through:

  • subscribing to the newsletter: name and surname, email address, IP address,
  • leaving a comment below the article: nickname / name, email address,
  • downloading free materials: name and surname, email address, IP address,
  • sending a message through contact form: name, email address, IP address.

How come I have an access to your IP address? By using any type website, your device is “talking” (requesting the access to the website) to a server that is storing the website. Every “talk” of this kind is being stored on a server as a log. Logs may include data such as IP address of your device, as well as time, date, internet browser or operating system that you are using on your device.

However, logs are not paired or combined with your personal data that you share once, for example, subscribing to the newsletter. Instead, logs are used in the process of optimizing unpacking.design, and in order to ensure the greatest possible convenience of using the website.


Cookies and other technologies that collect information about unpacking.design users

Similarly to most of websites, I do collect and store cookies: information about your internet activity related to my website. Cookies are a text files stored on your device that allows my website to know if you are at unpacking.design for the first time or you’re a returning user. Based on that, the website is being adjusted to your browsing history. All to make your stay at unpacking.design the most convenient 🙂

You can and should erase cookies by clearing your browsing history. There are guides how to do that in your internet browser “settings” panel.

Cookies helps at unpacking.design to:

  • Have your consent to use cookies. Upon your first visit (or a visit after clearing the browsing history) at unpacking.design you will see a pop up informing you about using cookies on the website. If you accept and close the pop up it means you agree to use cookies at unpacking.design you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. You can always withdraw the consent following the instructions I have shared before.
  • Run website analytics. I do that by using Google Analytics. It’s an online tool provided by Google LLC, which helps me to see how many people are visiting the website (it’s getting more every day, I’m so excited!), how long do they stay there and how to they browse it. Google Analytics do not collect and store personal data. They collect and store data about an online behavior of the user. That means, I will not know that you, Andrew Andrews from Andrew City, have visited unpacking.design 15 times last week, but that the user with an ID. 1567 did that. In other words, the information collected in this respect is completely anonymous and does not allow your identification.
  • Use social media features. You can subscribe to the unpacking.design profile on social media and share my articles using your profile on social media via social media icons placed on unpacking.design. If you do so (sharing is caring!), you agree to the use of cookies by the administrators of these social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube.\
  • Show you videos from external video platforms, such as YouTube or Vimeo. By playing the videos from external video platforms which are embedded inside my articles, you agree to the use of cookies by Google LLC (for YouTube videos) or InterActiveCorp (for Vimeo videos).
  • Let you comment my articles. Comment section at unpacking.design is supported by the WordPress system. You do not need to log in to Facebook to comment on unpacking.design. Why? Because I do not wish to display any content (e.g. ads) that are not related to the articles I write.


Sharing your personal data

It may happen that state authorities will ask me to give them  access to all collected data as a part of routine control. Then I am obliged to share your data. Excluding such unusual circumstances, your personal data will only be disclosed to the extent, purpose and to entities listed in this Privacy Policy.


Changing the content of Privacy Policy

As a data controller at unpacking.design, I reserve the right to change the content of this Privacy Policy in order to adapt its content to the applicable law or changing technological conditions (eg changing the service provider for my newsletter).

By using the website you declare that you are familiar with the up-to-date Privacy Policy presented here. The current Privacy Policy is always available at unpacking.design/privacy-policy


Your rights

Based on the applicable law (vide: GDPR), due to the processing of your data by unpacking.design, you have the following rights:

  • right to information, which you are using now, reading Privacy Policy,
  • right to request an access to your data, a rectification, an erasure, or a limitation of processing your data
  • right to “be forgotten” (to stop processing your data)
  • right to transfer your data, if it is technically possible
  • right to claim a complaint with the supervisory office, in relation to the incorrect processing of personal data.

To exercise any of your rights, please contact me at hello@unpacking.design

That’s it! I wish you happy and thoughtful usage of unpacking.design!